Integrated Performance Institute is New Zealand’s leading authority on Physical Preparation, Performance Enhancement and Rehabilitation.

Located Lake Hayes, Queenstown, NZ, Integrated Performance Institute offers some of the highest qualified and experienced practitioners in New Zealand.

We are dedicated to providing the best services and results for our clients in an environment that offers complete privacy and laser focused attention to detail.

With extensive experience in Physical Preparation for Olympic and professional athletes across a spectrum of different sports including swimming, track & field, martial arts, rugby, to name a few. We first assess the athlete and then analyze the sport or position the athlete participates in to come up with a highly detailed periodized program to optimize performance while maximizing injury prevention.

Working in the film in Hollywood and around the world, we have developed a unique system of Body Recomposition that allows us to create rapid changes an actors physique that is often required for a specific role. This training also conditions the actor for the demanding schedule and physical attributes required for the role especially where they must perform their own stunts or action scenes. We have adapted this same system for the individual that wants to change their physique, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or preparing for an event.